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Help with Pupil Premium

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Dear Mam /Sir

We are pleased to offer you "Early Bird - Free Trial - Offer" valid upto 2nd April,2020.This Free - Trial Scheme Entitles You To Enroll With Us And Makes You Eligible To:

Use our Online ERP Software -School Hub.
Mobile Apps -
(A) School Appz - App for Admin ,
(B) Parent Touch - App for Parent ,
(C) Teacher Touch - App for Teacher,
(D) Visitor App - App for gate entry,
Free of Cost upto 2nd April,2020.

Benefits to school

(1) Without hassles of changing the school erp in mid or start of session you can compare the utility.
(2) Comparison of the new software and features also become easy.
(3) All our modules with user friendly- interface can also be identified by you.
(4) Once you get the best output from our ERP you can shift completely.
(5) You can continue from 2nd April for next 12 months for the billing to be effective i.e. till 1st April ,2021.
(6) After 2nd April 2020, price applicable Under Sales Promotional Offer will be Rs. 5 /- per student per month. *(Min. 500 student cost will be applicable),*GST 18% applicable.
(7) This offer can not be clubbed with any other offer/proposal.

Process of Enrolment

(1) The chairman / Principal of the school fills the details at our website.
(2) We will make and mail you the Confidentiality Agreement for the signing for data security.
(3) We will import the data of your school once you share the same with us in Ms-Excel Format given by us.
(4) Our Executive will take you through the training module wise as you go. Enroll with us by clicking on the link below :