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Choosing a Tutor in Preparation for Exams

Exam time can be a stressful period for everyone involved. If your child needs extra help in a particular subject, of course, you may be thinking of hiring a tutor to get them through or improve their grades. This is a good idea but choosing the right person can also...

Top Tips on Helping Your Child With Their Homework

Once children start school, parents have to consider the prospect of homework. While this can be an exciting time as your child begins to learn new things, it can also be pretty challenging. Children can be enthusiastic or resistant to homework depending on their...

School Communication Barriers

As a company that helps schools communicate better in this brilliant technological age, working to bring down barriers is one thing that we’re particularly focused on at Parentapps. Most teachers and heads of school understand that good communication and involvement...

Parent’s Evening: Questions to Ask Teachers

One of the most important times that mums and dads get to meet teachers is during a parent’s evening. While these can be useful to understand how your child is doing in specific subjects and whether there are any problems, they can be quite hectic. Going in prepared...

Help with Pupil Premium

Since the launch of the Universal Infant Free School Meal Policy, schools have struggled to get parents to register for Pupil Premium because there is no longer the same incentive for parents to do so. Whilst the increase in children receiving school meals is fantastic…

How Surveys Can Help Improve Parental Engagement

The Surveys feature of Parentapps Connect, provides schools and nurseries with an easy way to find out what is and isn’t working when it comes to parental engagement. And, because you can choose whether to send them to the whole school, particular year groups, or…

How your school’s app can help with phonics

Now that Spring has begun, it will soon be time to start preparing your pupils for the Phonics Key Stage 1 Screening Check. Many children could benefit from having extra phonics help at home. And, many parents would be more than happy to work with their children in…

How an app can help improve safeguarding

Safeguarding is one of the biggest areas of concern for any nursery or school today. And, as parental engagement specialists, it is something that we take into great consideration when building our communication apps. A secure parental communication app can help put…

The Benefits of Having a Nursery App

If you want to build better engagement and keep your current parents up to date with the latest developments, you should consider a dedicated communication app for your nursery.
Increasingly, organisations are choosing to create their own apps to complement their…

Why Should Your School Have a Dedicated App?

Apps are everywhere. Collectively we download billions of them to our mobile phones and tablets each year. We do our weekly food shops, book flights and bank all from apps on our mobile devices.
But is a dedicated app suitable for your school? Can it deliver better…

GENERIC means- Inclusive, Collective, Universal, Multidisciplinary, Common, General etc .
Generic has a philosophy of making quality school management inclusive, simple, affordable and economical at a fractional of the cost .
GENERIC SOFTWARE SOLUTION PVT . LTD  was founded in 2009 by a group of software professionals having expertise in the domain, with vision, dreams and strong commitments. In this journey of more than 10 years with a humble beginning and sincere attitude, we were able to make inroads in this highly demanding, challenging and result-oriented industry. With 80 + Schools, 1300 + educators and more than 1,54,000+ parents  in our fold, we are already aiming stars and discovering new avenues to reach customers like you..
We have designed, developed and implementing nation-wide roll-outs for a wide range of Mobile apps (android/ios), Software Solutions and websites for Schools, Hotels, Amusement Park and many more Industrial segments. With a wide base of talented and highly motivated IT professionals, we provide high- quality products and services by using the latest and relevant IT solutions to retain and develop long-lasting relationships with our clients. In short, we are a “Totally Customer Oriented Organization”

Let' s Make School Management Generic, Simple & Smart

Our mission

To replace complex or traditional methods of managing organizational functions using an integrated web-based software suite that is simple, intuitive and streamlines all organizational functions at a fraction of the cost.. 

Our mission

To replace complex or traditional methods of managing organizational functions using an integrated web-based software suite that is simple, intuitive and streamlines all organizational functions at a fraction of the cost.. 


A SCHOOL HUB Solution In Every School That Strives To Be Better Managed in School Management.


Our Philosophy is making quality school management

. Simple
. affordable and
. Economical
at a fractional of the cost.


Why choose SchoolAppz

Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service possible. We know that just having the best technology on offer isn’t enough, and that to ensure that schools and nurseries get the most from their SchoolAppz and websites, they sometimes need a helping hand.  You can get in touch with us by email, phone and chat.  We are here for you. 

Parental Engagement Experts

Our team is made up of former teachers, governors, and education technology experts who have many years of experience in improving parental engagement. We understand the unique challenges that schools and parents face and are able to provide relevant tips and tricks to help get the most out of your app and website. If you have a unique communication challenge that you are facing, get in touch and we will work with you to find a solution.

GDPR & Ofsted Compliant

We know how daunting it can seem for schools and nurseries to ensure that they are compliant with GDPR. We take the guesswork out of data security when it comes to parental communication and want our customers to feel secure in knowing that they are working with a GDPR Compliant supplier.

Additionally, we stay up to date regarding Ofsted requirements for websites and ensure that when building our websites we take this into consideration. We also offer annual Ofsted compliancy checks for those schools that would like to ensure their website remains compliant.

One-Stop Shop

One of the primary differentiators for SchoolAppz is that we offer all the needed tools for schools and nurseries looking for an effective way to communicate with parents. We not only offer Parentapps Connect, our cutting edge mobile communication app, but we also design and build Ofsted compliant and mobile responsive websites.

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